No Longer Colony

To my fellow Filipinos who, on various social media including youtube and twitter, ceaselessly beg that our country be colonized by the USA…

Don’t be stupid, the US government has their own problems to take care of too. It’s just a good thing they’re no longer shut down for one matter.

As for whether or not ANY country colonizes us, don’t beg for it. Especially don’t beg the West who are too busy teaching their students that the west was superior to east civilization, involving themselves in wars where they should have absolutely nothing to do with, and making too much liberty the downfall of their own society.

It’s one thing to go visit their countries, but to want to be them, look up to them and just give up on ours…? Such is idiocy.

I’ve said before, despite how I prefer to speak and how I point out the failures of our own government, I’m proud to be Filipino, to have this nation that was once advanced in culture and civilization, had systems, had leaders, had CULTURAL STANDARDS  that could still be in effect today.

We THINK we are greatly influenced by the west, so we succumb to that and continue to feel inferior to them. But don’t forget that they have nothing to be proud of–those great colonizers of the west who took away people and civilization, some of which were killed before being able to sprout or blossom.

We had a system of writing, of counting.

It wasn’t “isang milyon” but “isang libong libo.”

Not “eskwelahan” but “pamantasan.”

We learned to speak their languages, and as Filipinos, we aced in that aspect compared to our neighboring Asian countries.

We were number 1 in Asia once.

But we lack some things. Patriotism. An initiative. Pride. Willingness to Sacrifice.

Our farmers should have been the rich ones.

Our countrymen shouldn’t be aiming to buy iPhones and Chanel bags. Neither should we be proud of having those.

But we pit against our own economy those of other countries.

We succumb to the oppression that is more psychological than physical.

We endeavor to uphold our nation’s pride, but in acts, we deny it.

It’s time to cease this endless rants of how better off we would be under US reign.

If we were under US since long ago, I wouldn’t have opposed.

But when one nation achieves liberty as a country, and wish to restore its being a colony, it’s as shameful as having a potty-trained 6 year old wanting to wear diapers again because he saw his younger siblings in them and was jealous of the attention.

Our nation is more than potty-trained. At least acknowledge that much.

And let’s start helping our economy more and more, support home-grown fruits and products, and be ashamed of posting about imports.

Have you seen how South Korea has grown because of this?

It’s okay to like other country’s products and government and lifestyle, but rather than individually achieveing what they have for your own, why not bring those ideas, those examples to be applied and improved here as well.

I don’t think it’s easy. I’m not exactly sure.

But I know it’s possible.

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Dictates of Society: Your Most Undignified Life Choices

When I was a child, I also liked receiving & wearing nice things, expensive clothes, priceless jewelry, and most importantly, being able to brag about it.

When you grow up, you tend to make life choices that not only impact the lives of others but improve your own outlook in life–not choosing the expensive, not bragging about your latest waste of money.

One truly reaches the point of maturity only when he realizes which things matter most, and how to appreciate the things that matter. We’re not the only people in the world. We share it with others. And as much as I love to have things for myself, I try to not do things to distinct myself from the less fortunate, but rather, if I am not able to share what I have, I chose not to use money deliberately.

People may often see these mature actions not only in how one gives, but how one reserves for oneself, limits oneself, discipline oneself.

If people lived on the principle that life is not for show, then, we wouldn’t have glamorous fashion industries ceaselessly dictating for us the difference between the rich and the poor, nor conversations about how much one’s latest phone is worth compared to another’s. But there is no principle, there is only competition.

It seems but innate in man to compete, to win over and “one-up” another. But it’s not. So much so are we mesmerized by what society dictates as beauty vs. disgusting, and high-class, standard or cheap.iphone_sjobs

If you lived on the principle that life is not for show, and believed in your hearts that our stay here is temporary and nothing worldly matters in the so-called “afterlife,” then you wouldn’t care about the brand on your shoes or fur coats or watches. You would even feel for starving people in Africa in a more logical way by realizing the waste you’d spend on either a cigarette stick, a bottle of beer, or a million-dollar diamond-studded watch, because out there, some people cannot even afford that luxury.

And it’s not about the fact that they’re there and you’re here and there’s “nothing you can do about it.” It’s the fact that your reckless, and insulting the life these true brave ones live each passing day, not knowing whether they’ll be alive for days or at least even hours from this very moment.

You have the guts to call yourself classy, you think you have worth in the pinnacle of societal hierarchy, but you are worthless and undignified where it truly matters–having a name that will be remembered by countless idiots of the future non-progressive generations. And if it were to be, that we leave this world generations no better than our own, whose pride belong to hierarchical stature and egotism based on societal standards forever, I’d rather not be remembered than be labeled among that vast variety of stooges, calling themselves free but clearly being dictated by the honor-less standards of society.

chainedFor what is equality if this simple basic is not of value to any of you?–those who show compassion and care to make a name for themselves, but prejudice on the fashion and dominance of societal majority. I despise them.

I despise all those things. And I do not look up to people who think highly of themselves for practicing standards of societal hierarchy.

They powder themselves up on the outside. They make name and reputation towards the gullible simpletons of their society to look up to them. But deep down inside, they smell of fish and rotten eggs. They display affection and empathy to the extent of reputation alone.

Ponder about this. Ponder long and hard.

What you think you have done for society may only be of reputational gain.

The source of which is your insufferable desire to be better than others–dominance, but only in the eyes of the unsuspecting public.