Living Proof of Giles Grimm’s Words

“The king who sings with pages of sky fears too much the dawn that rises with lies.”

I can’t quite get it out of my head.

Giles Grimm, librarian and brother of Headmaster Milton Grimm, cursed with a babble spell, and now lives beneath Ever After High in the Vaults of Lost Tales.

While it is obvious there are secrets Milton Grimm fears to be revealed, it is still a mystery as to why. There are two possibilities: either Milton is evil or Milton is the alleged “king” in Giles’ riddle who ‘fears’ the repercussions of NOT following through with the ‘destinies’ written in the book.

What is “the dawn that rises with lies”? Unless my hearing fails me and I heard the riddle wrong, Giles clearly said “the dawn that rises with lies.” I believe the dawn is the future or destiny, and the sky refers to the book of legends. Since Headmaster Grimm talks about it, I assume he believes it and the “destinies” that come about of it. Analyzing this much, we therefore come to the conclusion that “living the legacy” according to Giles, even if you sign the book, it is but a ‘lie’–declaring Maddie’s translation precise, something is wrong with the book.

But another website interpreted the words of Giles’ riddle differently. The transcript typed in the following: “The King who sings with pages of sky fears too much, the dawn then rises with lies.” If the riddle was said this way, I’m interpreting it to mean that Grimm still does believe the book, but since there is something wrong with it, the destinies do not necessarily come true.

Though I am unsure as of now which of the transcript is correct, one thing is certain. There is truly something wrong with the book, and it seems we can “over-write” the destinies in this book by our very selves despite having signed it. A living proof does in fact currently go to Ever After High.

When Raven closed the book after claiming to write her own destiny, everyone was in shock. I assume Headmaster Grimm had never had this happened before (kind of weird that it never happened before since Rebels and Royals both go to the school and re-live destinies since 1812, so I am assuming that the school used to walk a different route, but I am leaving this idea to another blog). So, he got everyone to sign the book ever since it was meant to be signed.

And if my previous statement is correct, Red Riding Hood apparently went and “wrote-over” her own destiny by marrying the Big Bad Wolf, despite the fact that she (most probably) had signed the book. Therefore making Cerise, their daughter, living proof of the “overwriting.”

And since there is proof that someone can overwrite their destinies in the book of legends, the part of the riddle that says “the dawn that/then rises with lies” is true, and the “endings” are not always what they seem to be.

I’m sure some of you readers (who just happen to pass by this blog) must be contrary the idea or even my choice of words here. Please, I am all ears to what you have to say. Afterall, Maddie says Riddlish is not an exact language.

Original Post at under username, Myth Spell, Jan 23, 2014.

For Chapter 1 Ever After High Webisode


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