Windowless planes could be here in 10 years—and they look amazing

Admirable perseverance by these Hong Kong protestors. In this article written by Lily Kuo and Heather Timmons, we may just understand how important the fight for democracy is for this country, and how much they are willing to sacrifice–even the comfort of their own home.

In their video, the man concluded that whether the protest will be successful or not, the new generation will learn a lot from it; And I hope one of the things they learn won’t be that it is futile to protest the way they are doing now. So fight on.

For Democracy!


Excerpt of Life: Tiny Needles

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Surprisingly, as I held the syringes and ampules in my hand…
Surprisingly, I did not shake nor stutter…
I held my composure.

The only matter giving away how unprepared and nervous I was
Was the fact
That it took me over an hour
To find the perfect vein.

She waited for me, my potential client,
As I had promised the day before, that I would clear all appointments
To serve her, with the help and mercy of the Lord.

It’s been months since I last practiced Intravenous Insertion.

I was honest to mention that they’d need to be patient with me because I’m not an expert.

She had the materials needed.

I used the gloves for tourniquet, and breaking the ampules.

Deep inside, I was a mess.

I remember thinking, “Bahala na. (Nevermind) I did pray, anyway.”

Over and over,
I built up the courage just to bring myself down.

I don’t remember how many times I placed the tourniquet.

I even reviewed IV insertion the night before,
Yet there I was facing doubt and near-hopelessness.

Finally, I was able to choose a site
At the right distal antebrachial area.

“How could I?”
I could hear myself say, everytime I readied the needle.

Three times did I withdraw and return the needle into its packaging.

But the last time I took it out,
I was ready.

I knew there wasn’t a better timing.

I was losing her trust more than I was losing mine.

And so I hoped I could pull myself together just this once.

And I did.

I successfully injected 4 ampules of Ascorbic Acid in 5cc NSS via IV, as per written physician prescription.

In life, there are trials we may face.
There are so much obstacles if we only look around.

Sometimes, the needle is already tiny,
But then, more so the vein.

How confident are you to face what’s coming?

How would you know when you are ready to go into battle?

What if you knew you weren’t ready, but the battle was now, and they needed you to be ready?

Perfect timings are not only about Love.

Perfect timings come in different ways –either by accident or not;
But so do imperfect timings.

So how could you wait for the timing?
It is not the timing that matters most.

To be ready, you need the tiny needles.
You need them to be perfectly small in order to fit the vein.
You also need them to be just the right size for whatever prescribed drug you incorporate,
And you need a guiding hand:
One that does not lead the needle astray.

It must be the hand of someone who has the heart to guide.
But how shall one obtain the heart to guide, or confidence even?

Unless one has set their heart to guide.

Life needs guide.

We need a guide.

We think we’re already tiny needles,
But the veins could still be an even more difficult passage!


Blog Entry: Oct 19, 2014

7:57pm- Random day.
No, not really.

This day and the few days that have passed had been, for me, quite overwhelming.

There is a battle I am fighting, a battle that is within, and I can’t help as I subtly stare out the bus window, looking out to that wretched arena (What a timing).

My friend beside me glances the same way.

I am random. I feel quite the most random I’ve ever felt in months.

And I must say, could it be a sort of side effect, so to speak, of my turning 22 tomorrow?

Ah yes, tomorrow is the day I was born, if we follow the calendar this human generation acknowledges now.

I understand though, that in the Hebrew calendar, my birth date is not until Tishra (or some other word I do not recall).


Wednesday, Oct. 15 Ph time – I revealed my dream from August to the person I dreamt of.

I’m still wondering right now what he really thinks.

Technically, I chatted him up over a status update where he said his phobia was returning, and the convo just went on from there.


6:09pm – The sun has fully set and now out of sight.

If you’ve been following my blog entries, you may recall my entries regarding “code name: Another First.”

Earlier today, regrettably NOT over coffee and waffles, we listened in on a few elder sisters talk about Love. Not love in its entity nor entirety, but some recollections of married individuals, consequences, personal experiences, etc.

And I put my hand into my hand bag to reach for the keychain that Another First had given me as a gift.

I kind of never told anyone else about it.

Let me continue later, as Riz and I are about to drop off. – 6:14pm

6:58pm – We are now inside the LRT line 1.

I’m happy how ecstatic my friend, Riziel is about her new stamps.

We found makers outside Monumento station. I didn’t take pictures but I’m looking forward to her uploads of her undeniable relief and joy. She was just expressing how much easier this will make her job.

Riz is an educator – a school master, teacher, but I prefer Professor. I like that term the most.

I always wanted to teach.

Better pause for now. – 7:02pm

9:49pm – Finally home.

My friend and I were laughing earlier as the doors of the train closed at our stop.

Hilarious business this is, I’m telling ya.

So instead of the original plan to drop at EDSA station, we got off at the very last station.

I don’t think I remember clearly what we were talking about as those doors close, just that the shock of them closing must’ve caused the short term memory loss. (I know what you’re thinking, what the heck, right?)

I always get people into trouble..
My choices today are partially what caused us to be late in going home.
Nevertheless, I don’t regret the lengthy company with Riz. Though she doesn’t know or may not know, I treasure her company and friendship so much. She’s one of the first few who ever became my friend in such a way.

I have had issues in dealing with people in the past, but let’s just leave it at that.

I had this sudden thought as I prepared my laundry tonight; the cake was on the table and let’s just say I argued with mom a little that she shouldn’t have, but deep down I feel kind of blessed.

There are lies and there are truths, and there are lies in truths; But sometimes, when you look closely, there are some lies that exist because of one’s perseverance for it to become the truth. And sometimes it happens, but it’s better to not have expectations; And even better if we bring down our self-worth and importance, so that we could look at the brighter things–the better things.

And for this, I thank God.

10:04pm – End of Entry


Poetic Excerpts: Betray


I want to look at myself someday
That when I look at the past
I won’t need to betray
Myself the way I’m doing now;

That I’m overcompensating for what’s no more
In hopes of what could be,
And realizing what’s not there
Is in fact actually.

And if I was told to write
I would not even have the might.
For as dreams can turn to reality,
Reality also can become fiction.

Then, by what power wouldst one make
Of the ficton, even as fiction is?
And I dwell for I am not,
But I betray–I ought.

Yes, I betray myself
For the fiction this has become.
I deny myself my liberty
Known to only some.

There was a mirror in a dream,
Or perhaps a dream in a dream.
And I cast out the image
I simply saw in me.

And some nights I have dreams
Of deepest darkest fantasies;
And some nights are blank
In black and white and fallacies.

But the dawn breaks always,
And I again awake
To renounce deliberately
This epiphany.

And as I face myself one day,
As I would look into the past,
I will no longer betray
Myself the way I now do cast.