Poetic Excerpts: Betray


I want to look at myself someday
That when I look at the past
I won’t need to betray
Myself the way I’m doing now;

That I’m overcompensating for what’s no more
In hopes of what could be,
And realizing what’s not there
Is in fact actually.

And if I was told to write
I would not even have the might.
For as dreams can turn to reality,
Reality also can become fiction.

Then, by what power wouldst one make
Of the ficton, even as fiction is?
And I dwell for I am not,
But I betray–I ought.

Yes, I betray myself
For the fiction this has become.
I deny myself my liberty
Known to only some.

There was a mirror in a dream,
Or perhaps a dream in a dream.
And I cast out the image
I simply saw in me.

And some nights I have dreams
Of deepest darkest fantasies;
And some nights are blank
In black and white and fallacies.

But the dawn breaks always,
And I again awake
To renounce deliberately
This epiphany.

And as I face myself one day,
As I would look into the past,
I will no longer betray
Myself the way I now do cast.


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