Blog Entry: Oct 19, 2014

7:57pm- Random day.
No, not really.

This day and the few days that have passed had been, for me, quite overwhelming.

There is a battle I am fighting, a battle that is within, and I can’t help as I subtly stare out the bus window, looking out to that wretched arena (What a timing).

My friend beside me glances the same way.

I am random. I feel quite the most random I’ve ever felt in months.

And I must say, could it be a sort of side effect, so to speak, of my turning 22 tomorrow?

Ah yes, tomorrow is the day I was born, if we follow the calendar this human generation acknowledges now.

I understand though, that in the Hebrew calendar, my birth date is not until Tishra (or some other word I do not recall).


Wednesday, Oct. 15 Ph time – I revealed my dream from August to the person I dreamt of.

I’m still wondering right now what he really thinks.

Technically, I chatted him up over a status update where he said his phobia was returning, and the convo just went on from there.


6:09pm – The sun has fully set and now out of sight.

If you’ve been following my blog entries, you may recall my entries regarding “code name: Another First.”

Earlier today, regrettably NOT over coffee and waffles, we listened in on a few elder sisters talk about Love. Not love in its entity nor entirety, but some recollections of married individuals, consequences, personal experiences, etc.

And I put my hand into my hand bag to reach for the keychain that Another First had given me as a gift.

I kind of never told anyone else about it.

Let me continue later, as Riz and I are about to drop off. – 6:14pm

6:58pm – We are now inside the LRT line 1.

I’m happy how ecstatic my friend, Riziel is about her new stamps.

We found makers outside Monumento station. I didn’t take pictures but I’m looking forward to her uploads of her undeniable relief and joy. She was just expressing how much easier this will make her job.

Riz is an educator – a school master, teacher, but I prefer Professor. I like that term the most.

I always wanted to teach.

Better pause for now. – 7:02pm

9:49pm – Finally home.

My friend and I were laughing earlier as the doors of the train closed at our stop.

Hilarious business this is, I’m telling ya.

So instead of the original plan to drop at EDSA station, we got off at the very last station.

I don’t think I remember clearly what we were talking about as those doors close, just that the shock of them closing must’ve caused the short term memory loss. (I know what you’re thinking, what the heck, right?)

I always get people into trouble..
My choices today are partially what caused us to be late in going home.
Nevertheless, I don’t regret the lengthy company with Riz. Though she doesn’t know or may not know, I treasure her company and friendship so much. She’s one of the first few who ever became my friend in such a way.

I have had issues in dealing with people in the past, but let’s just leave it at that.

I had this sudden thought as I prepared my laundry tonight; the cake was on the table and let’s just say I argued with mom a little that she shouldn’t have, but deep down I feel kind of blessed.

There are lies and there are truths, and there are lies in truths; But sometimes, when you look closely, there are some lies that exist because of one’s perseverance for it to become the truth. And sometimes it happens, but it’s better to not have expectations; And even better if we bring down our self-worth and importance, so that we could look at the brighter things–the better things.

And for this, I thank God.

10:04pm – End of Entry


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