Original Classics: Remain Silent

Remain Silent

Written: Jan. 5, 2010

The noise from the bridge in which foundations had crumbled;

The yesteryears are more than forgotten

When you cross this sand which was once an ocean,

And the valleys of grass now sustain turmoil that rotten.


Astounded asleep by the grasp of your mem’ry,

You stumble awake by an alarm clock ringing.

An empty sky and a golden sun,

But what fits it most is a window shun.


You scrape out from tongue the poison you drinketh

And empty yourself from the past that had driven;

Today, what’s beneath is a soul yet unlocked,

Later you’ll soon find it’s rusting so wretched.


Beneath this heartache is another gush of dismay.

There are some things you seeketh but never discovered.

There are some things resolved by words never spoken.

And I do believe there is more than what’s sunken.


But as you walk the path of the truthful,

Believeth it that you should strut full-paced.

For if even once you mismatch your behavior,

You’re being too certain to trust in your favor.


Remain silent and trust that God will light your way.

Remain silent, you deceiver, with a conscience with no waver.

All that remains to be is violence

That is if you choose it over silence.


And there are things you can’t undo,

Like throwing a grenade which explodes the oceans.

And making another poor right suffer

For a decision gone overboard the matter.


Thank you for your kindness and integrity.

I believe that I can remain all I can be.

Thank you for covering up for me,

Someday, I too shall repay thee.


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