Without Reason


(Dec. 01, 2014)

Photography taken from Deviant Art (by Art Blunders)

It came without a reason,

Without timing or season.

It came relentless

In such a passionate fashion.


As flowers bloom and later wither,

Seasons change and feelings dither:

I, but one, too cast asunder

Memories that hold mere zilch.


For I did cast away the moment

When I first beheld the feeling,

And I let it in completely

Like I’d later wake from dreaming.


For it came without reason,

As said I, no season!

And I beg to differ

What a blunder this miser.


Ah but one final settlement,

In this dire predicament:

I loved and lost and wandered off,

And never could turn back.


No matter how much I’ll try to reach

For the yesterday,

The dreams, feelings, and desire

Had all but fade away;


And I had said that day

When you finally whisked into

What I have ceased to do

Or have for you.


That moment—subtle, brief!

I regret my wary disbelief

That I didn’t care despite

That it should’ve struck through.


Resent, grief, agony—

The Lord must have saved me from me.

For if there is anything I do loathe

Is that I fell for you.


For without reason it came,

And without reason it went.

I regret the guilt I’m feeling—

How I want to set you free.


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