The Student Life: Do They?

Beautiful? Handsome? That should not be the basis for choosing your student council officers.
What if they speak well? Do they know how to keep their promises, no matter how small or insignificant?

Are they compassionate about their job or do they just love the perks of getting free stuff, BLAMING the school authorities or professors for decisions THEY pushed for approval and implemented themselves?

Do they listen to YOU?

Or are they just BOSSY, and selfishly use student funds for printing their OWN personal academic projects?

It’s not yet the end of the school year (in a Philippine Educational Setting). But it’s always safe to be prepared as early as now. There is much to love about being part of the student citizenry in your very own Alma Mater, but make the most of your College or High School days by maximizing what you can do in your student community, even if it means just being an informed and active voter.

The General Standard

Your student council officers should be transparent –with all transactions, especially financial ones. They should be responsible, and not just all talk. They should be fair in all aspects of their student career, whether in academics or fulfilling their student council duties. As a group, the student council shouldn’t CLAIM that their adviser, principal, etc. made decisions which, later on we find out, were only APPROVED.

They should KNOW that they are carrying a heavy weight – that their responsibility isn’t to just put on a show. That being said, if offered the position by authority through recommendation or a deciding body, they should understand their responsibility and role before accepting the task.

Maybe for some Colleges or Institutions, there isn’t much credit or importance being given to the Student Council. But there should be!

Before even holding campaigns, there should be a publicly-announced period of time for all eligible students to know about their opportunity to run for position. If the students aren’t aware of the opportunity and given time to prepare for a campaign, professors or school authority will be forced to choose people, thereby informing only a few and limit potentials. It’s sad because this kind of opportunity is where a student or pupil could learn hands-on what it means to have democracy and engage in leadership roles. At a young age, there should be initiative! But not the kind brought about by ‘we had no other option’ kind of decision from others. The length of time can create competition which in turn helps these students develop ideas in which to better serve the student body or make the school year the most enjoyable and most satisfactory an experience it can be for both those in Council and those in the student citizenry.

Real-World Simulations through Student Citizenry

Perhaps having a responsible and goal-driven Student Council would help the School or Institute, that some responsibilities and decisions of teachers can be delegated to them, such as facilitating order among underclassmen during non-academic or extra-curricular events, that help shape the students in a wholesome way. Of course the academic part of education is still the most important, but somehow, without extra-curricular activities and organizations such as the Student Council, there are lessons taught through the academe that may not be well-applied in real life due to lack of these real-world simulations.

There is a need to acknowledge the complaints of the student citizenry in general – things that are different than those confided in with the Guidance Counselor. If the institute offers extra-curricular and other organizations, there is a need to facilitate that with the help of the Student Council.

But, as in the democratic setting in our country wherein we don’t want the Government controlling large companies such as Meralco and the Media, there should be a distinction between organizations. Those who belong to the Student Council should focus on their job within Student Council duties lest they be tempted and corrupt other independent school organizations by joining and leading both.

I believe that having a position within the Student Council should disqualify that person from taking leading roles in other organizations, most especially the student publication. Student Journalism is a favorite of mine, and one that has been close to my heart since I have partaken in Publication organizations during my High School and College days.

In my opinion, being in both Student Council and Student Publication should be strictly avoided or forbidden. Why? It is not that there is a need to limit potential. But, aside from the fact that both type of work require attention and focus, there is a need to maintain that the Publication does not favor the Student Council in the news they provide – this is for the protection of both organizational parties and the advising body (or the professors/teachers who are their advisers). I think that in order to establish independence and cooperation, there is a need for Publication to work separately from the Governing body. It is good if the students are able to receive unbiased news. And for this matter also, I would suggest that replacing officers within the Media/Publication Organization should come earlier before election campaigns even start, to avoid any disqualification and for the proper coverage of the elections.

It also goes without saying that the election-facilitating body (for student council) or commission on elections should be composed of  a limited number of students, are accepted through invitation-only, and are strictly confined to organizations that do not interfere directly with media or student council.

Frustrations and Regrets

Despite the duties and requirements in being part of the Student Council, the idea is to have a fun and memorable experience whether it be College or High School. Having a lively student body will contribute to that, especially if students are able to engage in organizations where they can exercise their true potentials or passions. As in my case, I always dreamed of getting published. I love my career now as a Nurse, but I won’t deny that I always had second thoughts about pursuing it in the past, because my passion was in journalism. I still wanted to grow as a writer, and having the opportunity to partake in the College Publication gave me a chance to quench my thirst for this side of me.

I always thought that was the best part of my College, because we were not confined to learning how to become just a nurse, but to further develop our individualities, thereby creating in each one of us a wholesome Nurse by the time we graduated. Of course it was difficult. There were many controversies and risks (such as misunderstandings leading to a summoning to the office of the Dean, which I later very much appreciated).

For a lot of people, you don’t get that opportunity to engage in Student Activities like this – sometimes once in a lifetime, and for those really faint at heart, sometimes never. But if you want to remember your school year beyond the walls of your own classroom or block section, take a chance. Involve yourself within the student citizenry, and at the very least vote, so that everyone can enjoy a civil, well-governed, lively, financially stable school year!


The Televangelist Who Reads

In times past, humans sometimes called magic and/or miracles the things and occurrences they could not explain. As decades went by, there slowly became a system of ‘discovering’ and ‘naming’ of such things and occurrences that were later known as systems and processes; and men called it “Science.”

As more things are being explained by the Science of men, more ideas emerge – sometimes dangerous and self-serving ideas – they consider as theories. As some theories become proven to be facts, some theories are simply made fact because of a majority of agreement. And that’s just how it is. Some traditions change. And as it happens, even the perception of human history is theorized against what could be called tradition, and apologists and atheists arise, refuting that God exists.

But some traditions don’t change. And despite all odds, the facts are clearer than day; And I don’t believe there is no God. For unlike what Kurt Eichenwald claims, I believe in the Televangelist who reads.

Credits to owner: miriadna.com/desctopwalls/images/max/Red-autumn-morning.jpg

Atheistic Conspiracy Theories
In December 2014, Newsweek came out with an article “The Bible: So Misunderstood It’s a Sin” by Kurt Eichenwald. In this article, the self-proclaimed atheist author wrote, “No television preacher has ever read the Bible.”

He claims further that the Bible of today is inauthentic, and that words and ideas have been changed and adulterated through the times. Eichanwald mentioned many known preachers including 700 Club’s Pat Robertson and Governor Rick Perry, and some practice of various religions that are practically just for show.

Let me cut to the chase. As Eichenwald had written, “There were no vacuum-sealed technologies to preserve paper for centuries. Dried clay broke, papyrus and parchment crumbled away, primitive inks faded.” Therefore, what more proof do people need in order to establish the authenticity of something as old as the Bible?

They say, if you judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree, you may convince that fish that he is stupid for the rest of his life. I’m not saying that something inanimate such as a book, if it were to listen to an atheist tell it that it’s made up, would believe it. That’s not the point. I’m saying that people shouldn’t be convinced that the Bible is no longer authentic due to the lack of present-day objective evidence.

God can’t be comprehended by the punitive science that man has thus far discovered, so inevitably, atheists would want to conform to human standards of explanation of His existence–which is not enough!

So they go about their pointless mission, exclaiming that all must not believe in God, looking for evidences but biased by their stronghold belief, or unbelief rather. Such is how Eichenwald has made his long elaborated article on why people should not believe the Bible, when in fact, he himself claims that he has not read the Bible.

Because if Eichenwald had researched thoroughly, he would have known of the man given the title of “The Most Sensible Preacher of Our Time.”

What is there to refute that Brother Eli Soriano has read and, in fact, continues to read the Bible? I daresay. For those who do not know Soriano or have only heard false word about him, I dare you to seek for in all corners of media, for with the help of modern technology, he is even preaching through the internet.


Brother Eli on The Old Path Channel

Biblical Explanation to Creation

There is a particular part in Eichenwald’s article wherein he discusses “alleged inconsistencies” in biblical Creation. He claims, without full understanding (because, as he has claimed in writing, he has not read the Bible), and I quote, “Few of the Christian faithful seem to know the Bible contains multiple creation stories.”

Again, I am quite appalled. I have much to say, but nothing I say would compare to the answers Brother Eli has the blog posted, “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis.

The article points out and corrects various misinterpretations regarding biblical creation by going straight to the core of the issues – discussing as necessary even regarding the origin of certain translated words in the Bible. That said, there are mysteries in the Bible, but not everything is a mystery.

“To qualify, not everything in the Bible is considered a mystery. The Bible contains information worded in simple words understandable even by the most illiterate of humans. Honor and obey a father and a mother can be understood even by a child.”

– “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis

In his blog, “Big Bang Theory and Creation: What to Believe In,” he wrote:

Before man has even discovered the Law of Gravity, the Bible tells us in advance that it was hung by God upon nothing.

JOB 26:7
He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing.

We know that it is the force of gravity that holds the earth and other planets and heavenly bodies in their place in space.

For atheists, to believe in science is to reject the Bible because for them it is fiction and unscientific! But I say that, in believing the Bible you will learn true science.

Atheists say that the universe started with a Big Bang and is ever expanding. God said in the Bible that He created the universe with exact measurements and weight!

But there are always things that man could never find out.

Human sciences are wanting, wanting as ever. That is because God has reserved some knowledge of his work for him alone.

Then I beheld all the work of God, that a man cannot find out the work that is done under the sun: because though a man labor to seek it out, yet he shall not find it; yea further; though a wise man think to know it, yet shall he not be able to find it.

As defined in the dictionary, human science is the study and interpretation of the experiences, activities, constructs, and artifacts associated with human beings. Normally used with the Letter “s,” the human sciences correspond to humanities and social sciences, but also include aspects of psychology and even mathematics.

Discussions by Michael Dunn in The Human Sciences (2013), theoryofknowedge.net said many people do not consider human sciences as true science because they rely on empirical observation to arrive at findings. In contrast, the natural sciences, which are much ‘stricter’ in their use of observation, are backed up by rational theorizing. Still they are just theories. And yet man resorts to either in trying to understand the universe.

Therefore, human sciences as well as natural sciences endeavoring at their best, lack explanation in so many things that actually happen and exist. In faith and in the Bible such unexplained thing is called mystery. This progress report, for example, by Adam Hadhazy published in Popular Mechanics is about unsolved mysteries of science.

– “Creation: The Most Misunderstood Portion of Genesis

Not Just A Reader but a Heeder

For the likes of people who oppose biblical truths for the ideals of men, you can listen to his preaching in the program The Old Path in popular segments such as “Bible Expositions” and “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano: Biblia ang Sasagot (Ask Soriano: The Bible Will Answer),” for he is the Televangelist who reads!

“My dream is to find friends; the lost souls; to meet the less fortunate; the hungry; the underfed; the forgotten; and all those rejected by human society: to share with them the hope that is in me; and to be a humble instrument of my Great God, to announce that there is something beautiful and wonderful in store for them who were neglected by this present world! (Luke14:13-14)”

Bro. Eli on WordPress

The Bible is source of many scientifically proven knowledge of today. For instance, the Bible teaches that Honey is nutritious, but good only for adults and not babies. This simple pronouncement in the Bible that Soriano puts forward is quite an evidence already, if one is not blind nor a coward.

 “Would anybody dare to refute this truth? To the enemies of the Bible, SPEAK THAT YOU MAY BE HEARD AND BE JUSTIFIED; OR BE FOUND TO BE FOOLS AND IGNORAMUSES,”

– Brother Eli Soriano 2007, written in “Sweet Evidence of Authenticity of the Bible”

There is such a person who reads the Bible in all its glory and preaches accordingly. And if any atheist claim to have read the Bible, and choose to refute its authenticity, I would say to him: It is in utmost sympathy I tell you that I believe (and know) your understanding of the Bible is misled.

“It is possible that a cause can cause an effect but it is impossible that the cause is nothingness for in nothingness, the ability to think cannot develop or exist.

“It is possible for the seen to cause another seen to exist, but penultimately, the seen is caused by an unseen, a being of higher level than the one caused.

“It is possible that atheists may fool people with their so-called masterpiece knowledge but it is impossible for such knowledge to take the place of truth.”

– Brother Eli Soriano 2014, written in “Possibilities and Impossibilities: God is in Control”

Below, a testimony from one of the listeners of The Old Path’s Bible Expositions.

Claims of Neutrality and Equality

Maybe Eichenwald’s purpose in writing his article is not mal intended. Maybe, like the many seekers of the truth about God, Eichenwald isn’t trying to  escape from the many requirements of holy living (be it there be a God in his life), but is just one of those people who are fed up of listening to pastors and preachers who hardly even read, let alone investigate the Bible to know that what they are saying are exactly contrary to what the God of the Bible teaches.

I too cannot refute that there are those atheist who claim to fight for what they think is humane, what they think is what humanity deserves. In the first week of January, I came across a controversial article from the Huffington Post: “Jewish Atheist’s Controversial T-Shirt: “I Met God, She’s Black”“. There is pretty much nothing I can say except that most people’s perception of God, even if they claim Him to be a make-belief god, are misled if they think that believing in God is being a sexist, or racist.

As far as I have learned, the God of the Bible is neither sexist nor racist.

It is not God’s intention in creating the woman to be the leader or someone dominating the male above her but a helpmate, and to satisfy the desires of the man He created.

PSALMS 145:16

Thou openest thine hand, and satisfiest the desire of every living thing.

In creating the woman, God wants to satisfy the desire of a man and symbiotically the woman also. See how wise the Creator is?


To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen.

But to maintain order and prevent strife that may lead to evil, God placed the woman under the authority of the man.

I TIMOTHY 2:11-14

11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

13 For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

14 And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Placing the woman under the authority of the man is not being misogynistic, but being compassionate, loving, and with utmost concern for the woman. God knows the physical constitution of the woman He created. He knows that the woman is inferior in strength.
– Mr. Controversy at controversyextraordinary.com

And God is neither male nor female. God is genderless, for He is Spirit!


– Brother Eli Soriano answers the question: “Does God have gender or sex?”

A Distinction

There is, in fact, many different interpretations of the Bible, as there is many theories to the things that exist which the human-discovered science of today cannot comprehend in facts. But not all interpretation is correct. Not all of the preachers are the same.

As with the case of the Bible, how sure are you, Eichenwald, that there is absolute error with the inter translations from ‘koine’ to today’s various languages? You focus so much on detesting the Bible, you spend so little time looking for the one ‘preacher’ who actually reads and understands the Bible.

There he is on TV broadcasting the Word of God in all purity, even to the point of creating enemies. A man who disposes of inauthentic early ‘christian beliefs’ (such as trinity and 6,000 years of creation and misleading verses in the Bible), to the point of creating for himself enemies from other religious denominations that choose to, as you put it, “sugarcoat” the words in the Bible.

Since you had written in very great detail how the Bible could be false, placing evidences out of the mouth of several pastors and preachers who are contrary even to each other, this blog entry seems to say very little compared to your article. But I am not the one you should be asking, I am merely stating an excerpt of opinion.

One may think Science and Religion are contrary to each other, but the human race, in all its so-called glory which is the science and technological breakthroughs discovered, have not reached the peak of Scientific Understanding. Therefore, to conclude that God doesn’t exist is futile. But to conclude there are many misleading interpreters of the Bible is more befitting. There is a distinction!

True, this world is filled with fools who claim to have read the Bible and preach it incorrectly, but not all. And if you are ready to investigate, unbiased by the influence of atheistic ideations (that claim to build a stronger, wiser human race, but does the opposite), you will realize there is a God, by listening to Soriano.