My Random ABC’s (As adapted from a facebook post)

Age: 22

Biggest fear: To be forced to live without a God

Current time: 6:40 pm (GMT +8)

Drink you last had: Lipton Lemon Red Tea

Easiest person to talk to: (Depends on the topic)

Favorite song: Right now: “Bottom of the Ocean” – Miley Cyrus; All-time: None

Grossest memory: I had to fish something out of the toilet bowl, and I used my bare hands for it. I was about 8. The ring my then best friend/2nd-cousin gave me as a gift fell in while I was bathing.

Heaviest owned single personal item: A book called “History of the 21st Century” 

In love with: The word of God

Jealous of: none at the moment 😉

Killed someone: Nope

Longest relationship: Mother-daughter, Father-daughter relationship – because I haven’t been disowned yet

Most embarrassing moment: I went up behind someone to surprise her. I thought she was my mother. I think I was 10 years old.

Number Of siblings: 1

One wish: To merit the Love of God always

Person you last called (on the phone): A friend

Question you’re always asked: “Kamusta ka na?” (I am surrounded by loving people.)

Reason to smile: My God and the people He blessed me with

Song last sang: “Sa Pagbuhos ng Ulan”

Time you woke up: 1:25pm

Use of electronics per day: More or less 8hours, not including airconditioning (LOL).

Vacation Destination: United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Brazil

Worst habit: Picky-eater

X-rays you’ve had: Panoramic (for braces) ; Chest AP 

Your favorite food: Seafoods (eg. Shrimps, crabs, and squids)

Zodiac Sign: None (I don’t believe in it.)