Excerpts of Life: Understand

How I do not understand life:

How we can be sad

And then happy,

And then sad again.

How I do not understand love:

You give and give

And sometimes get nothing back,

But that’s still alright.

How I do not understand grief;

Nor anger

Or fear,

Or sadness through joy.

How I don’t understand

What I do understand

About not understanding

Since the world still revolves.

And I do not understand why I’m here.

All I know Is I have a goal;

And I don’t understand this fear,

But I know that God has a purpose.

And somehow

I’m no longer ‘fraid,

Or frustrated,

Not even pained.

For despite

That somehow I walk blindly;

I walk in fear

Of the Lord;

That He holds my hand

Ever so kindly

So I know that

I’m never alone.

(“Understand” written on Oct. 20, 2016)
Photo taken from SUNRISE WALLPAPERS on Google Play.




I knew

What I wanted

To do.
And I think

As I blink

It’s not what’s

Known to you.
I laughed

until I cried;

And well,

I could abide.
It’s too early:



That’s life only.
And if I wait

upon the stars,

Upon the dictate

of my heart,
In time I know

I’ll see the stars,

In moments up

Above the wars.
Just believe anew,

The Lord shall see you through.

Find the heart that lives

In things that shall abide.
(“Anew” 10/14/16)