“Taking to Heart”

I’d love to meet

The one

Who stole your heart,

Or if she took it

From your sleeve

Upon which you loved to wear it,

Did you steal hers

and have her take

your own as it was needed?

For if she was

Without a heart,

Who dared to take & break it?

She may have entered

In your heart.

I’ll place mine in your pocket.

Would I find

A pedestal

In a corner she’s beloved?

Or, indeed,

Do I not know

The song your heart is singing?

Oh, do we take

Each others’ own

So there’s more of them to treasure?

Love is a twisted


Both ways I’m just not winning.

It’s good that I

Don’t take to heart

A game that’s without meaning.

(12/09/2018 at 2:24 a.m. PHT)


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