Uncertain Wanderer

Many have asked,

I know that it’s time.

My heart knows it’s worth it—

Saying goodbye.

I’ve cried the tears

I needed to cry;

I will find the courage

Needed to try.

I’ve felt the pain

I needed to feel

In order to tell me

This is for real.

My heart is not

Where it’s supposed to be;

I’m constantly finding

A place that’s for me.

But one thing is certain,

One thing for sure:

I’ve not forgotten

God’s love is pure!

So I’ve cried the tears

Yet I’ll still need to cry—

I’ll fight for the courage,

I’ll need me to try!

And even in sorrow,

Or sadness or grief,

I know there’s tomorrow,

That this life’s a gift!

So though how uncertain

This wandering may be,

Never a quandary

To wonder and see.

– Posted, May 25, 2019

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