A Dream

How are you?

This is a question. This is the question.

How. Are. You.
How have you been? The years pass on, and I, my own, is a lost dream.
Good morning. Good evening. Good riddance. Good bye.
I hoped to fake a lie, and complicate the already complicated.
You were a dream I had. A fantasy in writing. A fiction from a novel. A neverending pause.

How real is a dream, and how vivid can it be? It was there, and it was not;

And we were here but now we’re not.
And how are you, my friend? How I’ve longed to know.
The words we left unspoken brought tears that were forgotten. Yet the answer did lie in what was written – an archived crusade that rotted.
My! The years passed. The shame once cruel to one, yet today, a single question, a single thought – a memory and a clause.
It is our story left unwritten…

For which sake the past forgiven.
And I think, and I wonder, and I know now what a blunder

If I had let it tarry on whilst knowing me, and knowing you.
You can’t, i say, you can’t.

And I? I shan’t forget.
I write this here today in memory. The memory of a dream.


Blog Entry: Jun 20, 2014


I’m not an everyday blogger, but from now on I think I’ll try to blog as often as I can.

Last month, I got braces put in. Mom decided as soon as my sister got hers. There was discount so despite being hesitant at first, I went. (Hey, I’m 21 years old and my teeth are already aligned, except for one out-of-line upper incisor.

So here are my teeth today after the first dental session after getting them put in. I got the colors changed too. I had them in pink last month. I decided to go for “sky blue” today.


Okay, so I didn’t get a good shot, but that’s all you’ll be seeing. I’m to shy to show the rest of my face.


Crazy day.

Been back and forth from Niog. Also, I’ve gotten time out to have ID pictures taken (for resumes, certifications and other license).

Had plans today for 3pm, but I had to cancel due to a previous engagement. Though I hope the people involved never need to see this blog entry or website.

I checked out a few facebook messages from the “others” category. I feel so flattered. Haha. Inevitably, this God-given talent of mine with words (which is in fact, first and foremost, not mine but God’s) had in fact been appreciated across different areas of social media. That’s all I’m going say, but I’m probably going to post excerpts of those so-called comments somewhere, as blog topic themes preferably.

I did spend yesterday and last night at the dormitory, which I will have so-called for purpose of this blog site and posts. I have a contract with the poace for about 6 months though I initially planned to just stay there for the duration of my IVT seminar/training. But my mom reconsidered otherwise, so from now on I have two homes. And I’ll be utilizing the place as much as I can, and renew for as long as I need.

Anyways, I came straight from the dormitory to the dentist where I got my braces fixed.

My point simply being I’m tired.

Thanks for reading friends. Till next time.

10:00pm —– end of entry.

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